HEALING GARDEN OF HOPE - Allow Hope To Manifest Within You
Thank you for your interest in HEALING GARDEN OF HOPE!
Here at the Healing Garden of Hope headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, we are committed to serve the Highest Potential of Each Soul. The Body is the Temple of the Soul that we are serving.  When you benefit One you benefit All.
Through the assessment of stress and stressors deeply embedded in the three bodies (physical, spiritual and emotional),  we gently guide, lead and assist you in taking back your power and state of well-being. In this process you are empowered to heal yourself.  As you become aware of stress and stressors in your life, you learn how to deal with and prevent them.
We encourage you to widen your horizons and educate yourself about lifestyle choices such as nutrition, physical activity and the importance of self-love.
Come and be whole again!  Allow yourself to live an energetic, fulfilling, happy and long quality life.
About Us :
The President and Owner of the Healing Garden of Hope  is Nada Maria Cory.  Why did I chose the name Healing Garden of Hope?  The origin of my first name Nada is Croatian and the meaning of Nada is Hope. 
Nada's background includes:
  • Certified EPFX Specialist
  • Angel Therapist Practitioner
  • Dahn Yoga Healer
  • Registered medical assistant
  • Hospital volunteer from early on in her life
  • Certified in Raindrop Therapy
  • Board member of Healing Touch Buddies
Nada has touched many lives with her innate desire to help and fulfill the needs she encountered along her path of life. Her vision and life purpose is creating countrywide Alternative Health Fairs.  This  educates and widens the horizons of people to take charge of their life.  She organizes and brings existing professionals in local areas together to share their time and expertise with all of their community.  This in turn, gives the opportunity to change lives to healthier, happier and well-balanced ones.
Nada is searching for like minded professional, sponsors, vendors, and all those that have the same mission at heart: to educate, bring forth into the mainstream of life the knowingness that only in one’s hands lies the ultimate success to a perfect state of well-being. 
Enclosed are the pictures, videos, flayers and brochures from events that Nada organized within the past two years. 
Her vision of the healing Garden of Hope is a place where one  allows the Heart and Soul to step forth and seek modalities of healing that encompass the entire being.  A variety of tools available today guide us to be what God intended for us.  
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